Hunting party

Welcome to the Pejret Hunting Company’s website

Our hunting organization has a long tradition in Gyula. The history of the company goes back to 1885.

We are engaged in game management on an area of  8,000 hectares, on the outskirts of Gyula. We have 41 members and 1 professional hunter. Pejret Hunting Company gives exclusive access to some of the finest Hungarian countryside. This agricultural area is filled with mostly arable land but also has extensive saline lawns, reed beds, and artificial forest lands. The water supply is provided by a dense inland canal network.

We are an independent company, specialising in professional bespoke one to one or group hunting. You will find a typically small game area with a good stock of rabbits and pheasants. Waterfowls are relatively few. Our large-scale big game include the roe deer in excellent quality. Many trophies weighing more than 500 gr are placed every year. Red deer and fallow deer only occur as a bounty. The wild boar population is insignificant, but growing. The company breeds a hunting pheasant every year in the size of 10,000 pheasant. They are sold for pre-sale and partly placed in the area.

Best regards,
Ferenc Juhász